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Del Toro flats — ☆E M O J I☆ style!

If you are[see, the numbers say—and I don’t know if I trust numbers, tho’ they *ARE* like I said, “numbers,” which should be inherently trustable—I have quite a few followers (thank u!) but I don’t really believe it; is it low blog-esteem?]wondering where I’ve been lately, you need not look far ! Just stay right there, on your computer/cell/mobīle (if you’re Britishy) . . . + you can see everything I’ve been doing (probably much more than you’ve ever wanted — but all so COOL + PERFECT) cuzzzz ...




it’s *SO* FUN — and def the best times for one who is supposed to be convalescing/healing up...NO, it’s just FUN fOr ALL‼️

I’ve been posting left + right the past few wks, can’t get enough, like multiple times per day! !
Details for these beautiful things on my INSTA〜 (as the kids say)


IMG_0188.JPGIMG_0139-0.JPG (I’ve re-posted these instagram photos here for you . ・ * * ・NOT cuz I’m lazy, of course, or cuz I expect you are (well, of COURSE NOT! ), but in an attempt to lure you to my IG feed—bwahaHAHAhahaha (evil laughter) #noreally
#instalove #arigato

IMG_0310.JPGAggie’s mirror selfie! #cute #cutebomb #vainkitty

IMG_0194.JPGMy favorite boots ever. . . that I pretend to own. #acnestudios #costsmyrent

. • .°・。.*.。*.・.* . • .° .*

For real, too. It’s become an addiction.
→ And not like before☆, either !!

1) post pic on instagram
2) wonder why people do instagram
3) draw hashtag ?blankkk?
4) forget all about instagram
5) repeat in 8-9 mos.

*・。 .*.• 。・. *・。 .*.• 。・.




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My insta feed is all *perfect* stuff +
stuff (not all (things) that’s 〜BEAUTIFUL.

IMG_0145-0.JPGCould nail polish remover be any perfect-er?? (From sarastrand.no)

And I’ve been a little consumed* w/it lately..to the slight neglect (recently) of my ↓banana blog ↓. It’s toooo fun!!! It even got me off my dear old addictive temptress friend Pinterest (— well, v slightly)...





Mr. Cumberbatch On My Mind

Well, his words, and those still-frame moments in one’s life when one’s own human frailty is suddenly all too exposed + real.


It’s especially vivid if you (if you’re like me, a regular person) only know—or imagine—him as the larger-than-life, {+ smarter-than-life}, rather indomitable characters he plays—Khan, Sherlock Holmes . . . 〜

But Mr. B. Cumberbatch was kidnapped at gunpoint in 2005, I think while on a film project in South Africa, with friends of his. According to the brief account on Wikipedia, he was abducted with two friends by some locals, held overnight, then driven somewhere and set free with no explanation. The experience left a mark, an indelible memory, on him [the person]—




.・ .・ ON YOUR OWN ・ .・ .



— Benedict Cumberbatch



Just. So. Indulgent. Or, AGNES!

Is this indulgent or what??!!
B U T ・・・I J U S T HAVE TO →introduce you to the most special creature I’ve ever encountered + who I have the honor of living with—Oooh sorry, I’m a cheez—! (Didn’t you know??)...
♡ A G G I E ♡

IMG_9213.JPGThis ↑ ↑is her gentle but stern warning (before she starts the mayhem*) that I’ve been on the computer way too long.

*Mayhem may incl. knocking drinks over, walking on keyboard, biting feet, etc.

IMG_9063.JPG ♡・♥︎・♡・♥︎・ ♡・♥︎・♡・♥︎・ ♡・♥︎・♡・♥︎・ ♡・♥︎・♡・♥︎・ ♡・♥︎・♡・♥︎・ ♡・♥︎・♡・♥︎・ ♡・♥︎・♡・♥︎・ ♡・♥︎・♡・♥︎・ ♡・♥︎・♡・♥︎・ ♡・♥︎・♡・♥︎・ ♡・♥︎・♡・♥︎・ ♡・♥︎・♡・♥︎・ ♡・♥︎・♡・♥︎・ ♡・♥︎・♡・♥︎・ ♡・♥︎・♡・♥

#VSCO Presets

★★★VSCO app ★★★
I love this *free* app. It takes the best pics ever on the iPhone, and I only have an iPhone 4S.

Trouble is, though I’ve read the [limited# of] tutorials on the VSCO site, I still have trouble picking which preset is the most appropriate. Clearly I’m novice, as my photos are NOWHERE NEAR the level of the photos on the VSCO gallery, and those hashtagged #VSCO #VSCOCAM on Instagram.

Here’s an example from today’s frustration. A plant off of Lara’s (my bf’s sis, who lives in Del Mar) porch〜cute little succulent I tried to capture!

I’ll show them all (*some* of the presets—there are too many!—to you, then pick the best ones and tell me in the comments—it’d be a huge help. I’ve lost all perspective + I’m all crosseyed.







We’re only thru the J’s!!

IMG_0004.JPGJ6 J Series is Minimalist. The next, N, is Modern/Bright.



IMG_0007.JPGThis is A2 and I think I like it. . . but maybe it’s cuz I’m tired of staring at this cute little plant! (I find I tend to start liking the tenth preset)…

The ☆Hype☆ Is Warranted, People!

The Hype is true—about Olo Fragrances. (MAN! I’m on a Pacific NW binge these days, right??) I’m late to the game, as usual with these things, but I’m just popping in here for a min to say that these here [98% natural!—see, I'm already doing an unpaid ad for them. I'll stop. try to stop!] little parfums are so so soooooo amazingly otherworldly, nearly mystical (even my boyfriend likes Forêt, which smells honestly + truly like you’ve stepped into the freshest pine/cedar glorious forest right after an afternoon rain has cleaned all the leaves. . . B E A U T I F U L. These fragrances are like buying little vials of memory-returns, back to your childhood, to old friendships, to past summer vacations spent w/old best friends you’ve lost touch with, your favorite cousin you hate now that he got married to a mean possessive weirdo (I just made that up—really, swear). . .

Anyway, I gotta go [to an MRI—quel DRAG!!] but I needed to tell you partially why I’ve drifted off — at least mentally— to Neverneverland.

IMG_9699.JPGMy picture-ode —taken w/my iPhone, using #VSCO—to Forêt, which is actually my second after Lightning Paw...(♡)

But THEN I discovered :
Toji — yuzu / hinoki / hiba wood (mimics Japanese spa– swear it’s addictive!)

Nationale 6/7 — a rose fragrance w/a difference, a purity and clean freshness brought by a top note of LEMON. Apparently the top-seller in SF (Lightning Paw was the top in Portland & NYC—Valens in Canada )

That’s all for now!!! If I had the money, I’d buy you ALL the sampler set—so you could experience/enjoy/find yer favorites !! I’ll be back to gush some more, no doubt. I just smelled Violet/Leather—hesitant becuz violet is always so headachy + gross in perfumes, but it was TOTALLY different!!! LIGHT! Citrusy green violet—like, young violet! and then–fine Italian shoes! To DIE.
And then don’t get me started about Valens. The description says it’s like “wearing your boyfriend’s old sweater”. Delicious. !! !!!! ♡〜

Have any of you tried OLO FRAGRANCES?☆ I’d love to hear which ones are your favorites, and what memories are stirred by the various fragrances — hopefully mostly good!

I haven’t tried any of the “manly” (manlier — they’re all unisex) fragrances, like Victory Wolf and Erasmus— but I’m dying too. I just am enjoying all the ones I DO HAVE MY HANDS ON: dafne, dark wave, lightning paw, toji, v/l, valens (the sample I have, the tiny vial, broke :( !! And it’s one of my FAVES), black lodge (the bridge+burn fragrance — the only one I’m only medium about), and palo santo (champa flower!!).

This is the first obsession I’ve had in awhile and it’s fun but dangereux! I really have to learn some moderation (general)...

M O R E L A T E R !


I have the iPhone4S—which, frankly, I love—the last iPhone supposedly Steve Jobs (the stern taskmaster whose favorite line at the office was some variation on: “That’s shit.” So really, how can any future phone be any better? (So what if they’re getting (hardware-wise) thinner, longer, bigger—
IMG_9646.PNG The iPhone6 and IPhone6+.

[How long do u think I can resist?]

Jiwa Jiwa /RECOMMEND #2

IMG_9626.JPGRemember this? ⬆️ ⬆️ ♥️⬆️
It’s even ☆awesomer☆ in person. I just got them 💗≪stationery from JIWAJIWAPRESS≫ in the mail—MERRY XMAS TO ME!— and everything is glorious in the world!!
I had to share w/ you guys〜!

IMG_9632.JPGThis is a teeeny-tiny envelope + card・♥︎・♡・♥︎・

IMG_9627.JPGThe letterpress print w/the wonderful (+meaningful) translation of their store name:

☆jiwa 〜 jiwa☆

IMG_9628.JPGSelf-explanatory —pride and all that (too late for stylish self-effacement/modesty, come on – – we’re all friends here!) + Very cute trees ♡ — Unrelated: they look kinda Asian. . . Don’t they?

IMG_9636.JPG Hee hee.

IMG_9625.JPG No, no! Arigato to YOU! [I'm bowing right now.] あリがどうございます。
Btw, I taught my bf how to bow [Asian-style] before he presented to a group of Japanese businessmen visiting from Tokyo — he must’ve done really well, cuz they actually *applauded* (well, while giggling uncontrollably—I think, out of shock, cuz he was so good). !!!


IMG_9631.JPG You can find your own bliss — get/OWN/send your own amazing stationery— here:JIWA JIWA.✔️