The Difficulty of #Selfie-ing



I’ve heard that in Korea they have this “Ultimate Selfie Taker” thingie— like a super-strong stick/pole that holds your phone away from you— I need that!!

IMG_2124.PNG Of course the sling—doesn’t help, but is not my entire excuse. I sucked at selfie-ing pre-accident too. . .

IMG_2074-0.JPG See? Here’s a good headless one—cuz AGGIE’s in it!

IMG_2087-0.JPG Too difficult. But I wanted to send selfie-valentine to Landon cuz we haven’t seen each other in soooooo long. Weep.

I had to FOCUS.

SOLUTION: So I took off my sling for a sec, took a quickie (sucky) selfie w/my left (weak!) hand, then used this AWESOME APP called A Beautiful Mess to GRAFFITI ALL OVER IT‼️

(It’s free at the App Store! + this is *not* a good example—you can do SUCH cute doodles, borders, pretty + amazing things to your photos 〜!!)


All-Out Beauty Blogger

Just for today, a special UNISEX edition of bananamap blog, I am just GIVING AWAY some tippity-top BEAUTY SECRETS.

IMG_2035.JPG *The above pic is just to get your attention, not necessarily a recommendation—cuz, you know, sulfates + all that. But ain’t it great that it still looks + smells the same? There’s a cute little blurb on ITG on Herbal Essences Nostalgia that I do recommend—so fun.

Ahem. Back to serious—ish.
The most valuable thing I have found in my 60-odd years (doesn’t my skin look just amazingly youthful?), was a recommendation, nearly simultaneously, from both my boyfriend (who looks amazing w/o even washing his face) + my genius Indian guru neurologist—who claims she cures her + her kids’ chapped lips + irritated skin OVERNIGHT with this stuff:vitamin E oil. I use this exact bottle:

IMG_2040.JPG I can vouch that in just a few weeks—it ain’t no wives’ tale—of nightly application my nasty hematoma scar has completely lightened. It pretty much heals everything and makes your skin perfect. You can put it on everywhere, and it lasts forever. Amazing stuff. And the application!! It’s sooo luxurious + wonderful—this blend has some lemon oil (smells good), + other oils so despite the high concentration of E, you can actually just GLIDE it on, + the skin just LAPS IT UP. . .

Speaking of, I caught Aggie (my kittycat) on my bathroom counter lapping it up off the cap like there was no tomorrow—couldn’t tear her away!—but no worries, the first listed direction is an oral intake anyway. (The instructions are to put a few drops in water + drink it, though, not to drink it straight from the bottle.) Maybe Aggie was lacking in vitamin E . . ?

My next recommendation—+ last, I’m almost done w/my beauty blogger career—is for slackers. For those that sometimes/often get up in the a.m. + realize they overslept a bit + only have five minutes to get ready—this is absolutely the greatest invention ever. And now they’ve developed a way less sticky-gunky yuk kind! I know everyone says that the drugstore brands are just fine, blah blah, but for this *one* vital product, I feel like you need to upgrade. (Who wants to have a whole day of icky hair, that they can’t /don’t want to touch? Eww. Upgrade.)

This got me through many many months, + every morning I was SO GLAD I had it. Totally worth every penny. This is the gentle, non-aerosol, non-tinted kind. I saw it on Gilt for $11 recently, but I was too slow + now it’s gone—here it is on, but I also see similar prices at Peninsula Beauty (if you’re in northern Calif—oh you can order online, too!), + oddly enough, at Urban Outfitters.

Omg I’m exhausted from all this beauty-blogging. Happy Thanksgiving!!! from me + aggie!

IMG_2032.JPGNatural beauty.

It’s Me, Really, Not You—


At this moment, friends and people who know me are all nodding vigorously— YUP!—if not jumping up + down (the type to do that kind of thing—not you, Landon), in agreement 〜

H O W E V E R , I think it’s a nice reminder for everyone. I do get kinda ramped w/enthusiasm—where maybe three to 15 things fight to get out of my mouth (same thing w/writing, hate that)—and I have learned to take a breath + let nature (?) sort it out. Once I’ve let them go, I’m really relieved to find that the few good ideas/thoughts have stayed. At least I’m choosing to trust that they rose to the top. [I’ve done a few experiments now that give me enough evidence.]

It’s all pretty new/fresh though, so have to keep practicing it, + reminding myself.

☆彡 ♥︎☆彡 ☆彡 ♥︎☆彡 ♡♥︎

Funniest Bag In The Country

By Emily McDowell.
I think she’s from SF.

I found this on EmilyMcDowellDraws shop on, but I’ve seen her stuff (drawn to it like a moth to a ..) at some SF shops—in the flesh! Seems she also has website: Have to go check it out!!





(There’s MUCH more! I want to post more!!! but I’ve got stuff 👎 to do. . . ) Later, folks♡



I often think about this—but it only comes up when I actually look at prices of things—(which oftentimes, while skimming for things that catch my eye, I don’t).
Just look at the beautiful simplicity of these:


IMG_0671.JPG They’re by Chloé, incidentally —I rarely look at labels either (honest). + maybe that’s why I’m so shocked that these two little totes happen to be $1250 (black) + $1990!

The tote bags I was admiring only minutes earlier with equal enthusiasm—I happened to see the price in my peripherals—were only $35.

There’s all the intervening complicating + commercial/economic
factors, yes—
But I’m not thinking about that.

I’m talking about—sorry, have to use myself as example, no one else around—liking simple things. So you’re drawn to the simple. Maybe my brain just can’t handle complexity? Perhaps I see more than two lines intersecting + I heartbeat quickens v slightly but uncomfortably…?

But then why does stuff (e.g. clothing, bags, shoes, even homes) start getting really super pricey as you get higher end— high design, fashion/luxury goods? Do ppl pay more to get less (at essence)?

Or am I just complicating something simple w/my small brain? That wasn’t meant to be a “har” but it is. HAR.

ㅣN SㅜAPㅌRFㅌㄷㅜ

Del Toro flats — ☆E M O J I☆ style!

If you are[see, the numbers say—and I don’t know if I trust numbers, tho’ they *ARE* like I said, “numbers,” which should be inherently trustable—I have quite a few followers (thank u!) but I don’t really believe it; is it low blog-esteem?]wondering where I’ve been lately, you need not look far ! Just stay right there, on your computer/cell/mobīle (if you’re Britishy) . . . + you can see everything I’ve been doing (probably much more than you’ve ever wanted — but all so COOL + PERFECT) cuzzzz ...



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it’s *SO* FUN — and def the best times for one who is supposed to be convalescing/healing up...NO, it’s just FUN fOr ALL ! ! !

I’ve been posting left + right the past few wks, can’t get enough, like multiple times per day! !
Details for these beautiful things on my INSTA〜 (as the kids say)


IMG_0188.JPGIMG_0139-0.JPG (I’ve re-posted these instagram photos here for you . . . NOT because I’m lazy, of course, or cuz I expect you are ー well, of course not!ー  but in an attempt to lure you to my IG feed!  My evil plan, bwahaHAHAhahaha! #evil #laughter)

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IMG_0310.JPG Aggie’s mirror selfie! #cute #cutebomb #vainkitty

IMG_0194.JPGMy favorite boots ever. . . that I pretend to own. #acnestudios #costsmyrent

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So for real.  I’m really into it ー IG.
→ And not like before☆, either !!

1) post pic on instagram
2) wonder why people do instagram
3) draw hashtag ?blankkk?
4) forget all about instagram
5) repeat in 8-9 mos.

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IMG_0145-0.JPGCould nail polish remover be any perfect-er?? (From

And I’ve been a little consumed* w/it the slight neglect (recently) of my ↓banana blog ↓. It’s toooo fun!!! It even got me off my dear old addictive temptress friend Pinterest (— well, v slightly)...





Mr. Cumberbatch On My Mind

Well, his words, and those still-frame moments in one’s life when one’s own human frailty is suddenly all too exposed + real.


It’s especially vivid if you (if you’re like me, a regular person) only know—or imagine—him as the larger-than-life, {+ smarter-than-life}, rather indomitable characters he plays—Khan, Sherlock Holmes . . . 〜

But Mr. B. Cumberbatch was kidnapped at gunpoint in 2005, I think while on a film project in South Africa, with friends of his. According to the brief account on Wikipedia, he was abducted with two friends by some locals, held overnight, then driven somewhere and set free with no explanation. The experience left a mark, an indelible memory, on him [the person]—




.・ .・ ON YOUR OWN ・ .・ .



— Benedict Cumberbatch



Just. So. Indulgent. Or, AGNES!

Is this indulgent or what??!!
B U T ・・・I J U S T HAVE TO →introduce you to the most special creature I’ve ever encountered + who I have the honor of living with—Oooh sorry, I’m a cheez—! (Didn’t you know??)...
♡ A G G I E ♡

IMG_9213.JPGThis ↑ ↑is her gentle but stern warning (before she starts the mayhem*) that I’ve been on the computer way too long.

*Mayhem may incl. knocking drinks over, walking on keyboard, biting feet, etc.

IMG_9063.JPG ♡・♥︎・♡・♥︎・ ♡・♥︎・♡・♥︎・ ♡・♥︎・♡・♥︎・ ♡・♥︎・♡・♥︎・ ♡・♥︎・♡・♥︎・ ♡・♥︎・♡・♥︎・ ♡・♥︎・♡・♥︎・ ♡・♥︎・♡・♥︎・ ♡・♥︎・♡・♥︎・ ♡・♥︎・♡・♥︎・ ♡・♥︎・♡・♥︎・ ♡・♥︎・♡・♥︎・ ♡・♥︎・♡・♥︎・ ♡・♥︎・♡・♥︎・ ♡・♥︎・♡・♥