“The Courage To Start All Over…”

Oh. . . What is that Plato quote about how life should be considered play?  Let me Google it. . .  Ah!  He was much more resolute — well, he’s Plato — about it:


So I was mid-post about fifteen minutes ago, when I am 90% sure I pushed the “tab” key — I was doing some fancy (super-creative) multi-space-barr-ing to type out this quote on self-love.  Well, all of a sudden—(I’d like to blame my mom, cuz she was in the middle of talking about expiry dates and proper disposal of semi-soft cheeses when it happened)—but it really was not her fault, though she *did* significantly contribute to the chaos of the moment. . .  A‒NY‒WAY!  Up on the screen pops the little bubble notification that I got a new email. . . TURNS OUT that I just posted a new blog post !!  Well, WHADDYA KNOW!!  SO, ADVISORY, WP PEEPS: DO NOT PRESS ‘TAB’ MID-POST! or else you will also send out half-written junk-show posts to every one of your followers !!  (oh sadness!)

>> >>  DEAR FOLLOWERS:  I deeply apologize for that mess you received.  << << << 

I was doing something sooooo silly too. . . (you know, when that happened.) (I should just stay away from ‘super-creativity.’)

Anyway, I took the advice of that quote that I posted (below↓) on that mistakey post and just decided to start over again.

SO. . . . TAKE TWO!!!!!


Screen Shot 2015-01-25 at 6.54.21 PM

I wish I knew the context of the above quote.  It’s so cassszh**, colloquial and personal-sounding; it sorta feels like he’s talking to *YOU* — doesn’t it?


(**short for casual)


[[The quote below (↓) I’ve had copied down in my notebook[s] for awhile.  It makes me understand (and remember) why it’s ok to love yourself.  Somehow it’s easy for me to slip and forget and get re-programmed to dislike myself again (and again).  It’s in the air — ‘society’ ? Asian <Tiger-Mom>–internalized atmosphere? — this type of motivation towards perfection and against complacency (shriek!) starts from self-hatred.  I don’t know where that started. But that’s the root of my understanding of it. I know a lot of us girls are wayyyy too familiar with this — you know what I’m talking about. (Even though we may never speak of it.)]]

☆ ☆ ☆ Here is a beautiful little quote on the importance — no, essential-ness! essentiality! (no bones about it, dude) — of self-love.  Just my opinion, perhaps, and of course it’s my bias in life as well, [studies do back me up, though] — but this pertains particularly to girls — females.  ★So, women, girls — please pay attention. Not that this does not apply equally [as importantly] to men, though.  I’m starting to dig. . .

*All HUMANS, (because kitty-cats have no trouble w/this), PLEASE pay attention !


You demonstrate love
by giving it

        to yourself.
 And as you do,
      you attract others
into your life
who are able to
love you

without conditions.


This quote (words) is /are by Paul Ferrini.. I have no idea who this man is. . . [do you?]. . .but to him I owe a huge debt of gratitude! ☆✮✳∗ ♬✗⚬✗⚬❤

Mickey Mouse Club (C’est MOI)

Have you ever wanted something, secretly? Then decided to be out w/it—your secret—cuz maybe there are others like you, [secretly coveting the same silly thing] ?

Well, today’s my day to SPRING FORTH, out of the closet:

→ → ISN’T IT CUTE ?!?

Available here, for any enabler-friends out there. (I wear a size L in teenager clothing.)

[Yes, *THAT*] David Byrne

IMG_2968 “Mobius Structure of Relationships”, David Byrne

So, I read on Brainpickings.org a few months ago ー where I first saw many, many of David Byrne’s scientific diagrams, (the above being one of the less complicated ones of the MANY diagrams of his ー about David Byrne and his ever-enquiring mind.

David Byrne, who is so smart that one is really tempted to call him a {{genius}}, has a mind that just won’t leave him alone at night, it seems.

If I remember correctly, he had a very neat, concise little statement about science that even *I* could remember ー (all his diagrams also helped me to remember) :  Science is there to map our ignorance.

Sorry! Just checked. My memory was *slightly* off…  Officially, it’s:

“Science’s job is to map our ignorance”

well….YES.  Kind of.

And then he set out to map out all these relationships.  Because another truth of his is is:  Any relationship that you can draw, can exist.  He called them “mental maps of imaginary territory,” and he questioned (literally, “Why?”) the role of the non-rational in science.  Well, WHY NOT?

They’re kinda brilliant, and crazy/cool.

socialinformationflow “Social Information Flow” by David Byrne

humancontent “Human Content” by David Byrne

imagsocialrelationshipsImaginary Social Relationships, D.B.

Some of these he must be TOTALLY just having fun with, right?

yesmeansno Yes Means No

The point is that one learns and grows from things other than the RATIONAL. The rational is not the end-all-be-all that the philosophy greats once thought it was. It has its limits—thinking, logic, rationality.
And we all have learned that thinking can get you into trouble, cause more trouble, and — at the least — not always lead to the revelation you seek.

We grow in constellations〜〜






{Domo Arigato, Anaïs Nin!}

Laborious Mosaic, Fragment 1

2015/01/img_3627.jpgAlternate Post Title:  

When It’s Magic⭐️But You Don’t Quite Believe It⭐️Cuz That Stuff ⭐️Doesn’t Happen To You⭐️”

 (This was my original title, seriously.  Content true, but a bit long. . . )

Or—even LONGER version—you have a sneaking suspicion it IS magic, but you don’t want to scare it away by wanting it — so you try not to make it so real (i.e., by not talking about it) so it doesn’t ♒︎vanish♒︎   before you even have time to let it sink in and enjoy the mystification for a minute.  But then you remember that the last time this happened you *chased* it away by another way . . . . OH NO… Wait, what was it?. . .  What was it that you promised you wouldn’t do next time, if you were lucky enough for it to happen again?   . . . WHAT. . . WAS. . . IT. . .???. . .

Oh yeah, $&?!!: THINKING ABOUT IT.  

Then, <<POOF!>> it’s gone.  Whenever I over-REACH for it, it’s gone.  So I have to tread carefully, make my apologies to you now✱, then cross fingers and toes, chant, etc. —  → →    [ so I can let myself off the hook a bit and try to actually post something✱✱✱ this time.]

IMG_3073{A tank top I saw at Uniqlo on weekly special. Jenny Holzer is the artist, I believe.}

Dear Readers,
I am sorry, sincerely, but this type of post will never be clearly written, or succinct, or
Actually, more likely it will not make much sense to most reasonable people.
(I need to get out of these italics, first of all.)

Please understand, though, that I don’t intend to be purposely abstruse/obtuse (whatever the appropriate word is), it’s just that . . . the subject matter .  .  .    
Let’s just say: any whiff of metaphysics/ontology, or epistemology (dear God, help!), and things get super slippery.  So please excuse the roughness of the delivery, and maybe/hopefully there will be some worth to the content ! + we will all benefit like never before !!

(OMG-YIKES!) x 100,000!!! is how I feel about writing about important topics…

Which is just terrible, really.  I feel like a kid saying this (imagine my whiny voice), but: why should it be difficult for us, rare for us, or weird/uncomfortable/strange for us to talk about things that are most meaningful ?  I mean, that doesn’t make sense, right?  Didn’t we say these types of things in junior high??  Did I myself not SWEAR not to be one of THOSE priorities-gone-haywire ADULTS??

Well, as you can see, I never quite outgrew the “Let’s-Never-Ever-EVER-Be-Phonies” phase.   Itーfortunately or unfortunately— is hard for me to stay in “big-picture” or “small-picture” (focus) for very long before the other [perspective] starts knocking my neatly constructed little walls down and making things just MESSY for my mind.  I’ve always thought of writing = only way to HANG ON DESPERATELY to emotional truths that I feel are so strongly true that they’ve got to outlast the minute or so of their strong physiological impression, but even in writing, I’ve found that HANGING ON is the bestest and surest way (the fastest) to LOSING THE FEELING.  

Funny, though, that *good* writers seem to be able to express it in a way that truly lasts! Permanentlyーnearly.  As an example, I’ll close this mini- apology-note to you with the Anaïs Nin (1903-1977) quote I posted a little while ago: 

With the most sincerity in the world,

author of bananamap.)

Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset{A bumper sticker I saw at the Korean market a few weeks ago. (Yeah, at the Korean market! 진짜!!)}

✱✱✱I have many many many posts that are written in this vein that are doomed to lurk forever in eternal darkness ー whoa, drama queen ー in the draft vault, mainly because I started thinking too much and (1) things got long and weird; (2) I shocked myself early on, and wimped out by about midway or sooner.

P.S. Now I’m exhausted from my ridic. letter. SIGH. I didn’t get to my quantum theories, and now the clarity I [thought] I had is slipping away! I’ll try again tomorrow.

{{But you can get the gist of where I’m going w/this, I’m sure. You’ve all seen What the Bleep and the rest (I ♥︎ Huckabee), right? We’ll discuss all this later in depth! Or you can quickly brush up on your Plato and philosophy, so you can explain some stuff to me about it. That sounds good!}}