Banana Pirate Slapper Voyage

Party Deck

Chats, bants, inter-facing and general social frolicks will be done on Zoom.

There will be breakout quarters that you can come and go to as you please.

The Zoom link: Yarg! Hello? oh hai!

Sea Shanties

The music crew will be slinging there shantys from one Twitch account, as its a seperate stream to the chat we encourage hefty soundsystem hookups and sub bass cannons.

The twitch stream link.

Avaste Ye

Shanty proprietors & times to be announced, check back in a week and see what treasure awaits…
  • Friday:
  • 6-7 TBA
  • 7-8 Brandler
  • 8-10 Najeska & Bianca b2b
  • 10-12 Darper
  • 12-? TBA
  • Saturday:
  • 11-2 Brandler
  • 2-3 Rory
  • 3-4 Blank Pixel
  • 4-6 Adam Cain
  • 6-8 Anarchy Rice
  • 8-10 Trumble
  • 10-12 Perpetual Present
  • 12-? TBA
  • Sunday:
  • 1-3 TBC
  • 3-? TBA

Games Quarters

For your chance to win some virtual loot. Watch out for general mutiny, plunder and pillaging sea dogs.

Scavenger Hunt

Results of your achievements may require photographic, video or audio proof of victory. Send them to the WhatsApp 'Banana Love In'

The tasks will be announced one at a time via the Zoom. You will then have a short amount of time to complete the task.

Winners will be decided by the mob

General Information

This is where all the other stuff is

Ahoy, Mateys! the bananas have found themselves all hands on deck of the Susan Julie’s Revenge flying the Jolly Banana, this map should help you navigate the high seas. We set sail on the 18th of December when we shall splice the mainbrace, get squiffy and shiver a large quantity of timbers.

The Twitch and Zoom stream will set sail on Friday afternoon, going through until Sunday, exact start time to be confirmed. Get enough grog on board to get you through it, so you dont end up marooned with some other no good scurvy dogs. Savvy?

Make sure your rags are appropriate or you will be made to walk the plank. aye, aye? aaaarrrrgggghhhh!???? Best pirate snags some prize booty. Worst? cat o'nine tails and a clap of thunder in the deadlights…


We've setup a general bananany Discord server for extra wangy bits that can be used whenever. Will workout a secure way to send out invites later. In the meantime, if you want in, email or WhatsApp Ben G.

This invite link will last for 24 hours